Welcome to "The Entheogenic Reformation Church Website!"

The Entheogenic Reformation Church is a Church stewardship based upon the reception of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which I first received in 1994.
I received it from a man who came to me in the Name of the Lord, and who adopted my gentile flesh unto God, "Jerry M. Cofer"; marrying me unto His new creation name & Spirit; "Keshet Yashua IsReal" (Aka: Rainbow Jesus IsReal.

My Religious convictions are based upon my meeting with a man; who came to me (when I was Nick-Named "JesusFish") in the name of the Lord (The Lamb of God); having the Rainbow (Spirit) Name 'Silver-Bear', with a girl named sparrow. Notice the elements in our arrangement of names? Water = Fish, Air = Sparrow, Land = Bear ) The Fire came in our Burning Cannabis together; through which we were married By God through His Word and the Entheogen giving birth unto this, His new creation marriage body; Keshet Yashua Israel. (The Third Adam Sent)

I pray that I am able to create a website which gives all creation, the ambassadage worthy His calling! That calling I was given by God, in 1994, when this man under control of Jesus the Christ came unto this vessel of man which I am, to speak unto me that I could be fully prepared & wiped clean from all stains of time and sin, to walk in the Bridal Gown of His Third Adam sent! (Vanity Vanity Vanity! All in Vanity! )

God sent me to create the foundation for man's needs to garner a response unto the continual suffering of humanity that is being prospered in the name of 'secular humanism'; against the Embassy of God which He holds out as Man's Savior; drawn by my assertion from the cross I died on (with Jesus) unto who is being asserted from my position in Heaven, in the entheogenic Reformation Process.

I, an Entheogenist, have been given by God's authority invested unto me, through the cross of Jesus the Christ, confess by the blood of the lamb, & His water; the ministry of the herbal marriage supper; which God prepared for me before time to hold out unto mankind that I may take comfort & joy in the abundance it provides all of mankind when we exploit the entheogenic substance; Cannabis for Righteousness to evolve from enlightened minds, and for enduring the hard and making the good, in Good times!

I pray everyone may recognize that this website is a Confessional from me, the Co-founder of The Entheogenic Reformation Church, given as an act of God's favor unto all of Creation (Matt: 28:19, Mark 16:15) that mankind may recognize my religious beliefs; recreated unto me from God through the The sufferings of my own living experiences, education & supernatural influences which worked out the foundational documents I have offered as priest since I was Regenerated from the Cross of Jesus the Christ.

The Entheogenic Reformation Church is to be the Museum of my own Scientific evidences worked out with and without other's who consider themselves to be Entheogenists & who find Cannabis to be the marriage supper ingredient our God has convicted us of; which have prospered my own faith unto being mastered in this Creation! (Recreating an embassy of Entheogenists, sharing our faithful works together, through our fellowships and counsel; while also producing Great 'scholarly' Principles of ethics for World Government to be held accountable to the Dignified Respects that God has intended for His people, rather than what corrupt 'attainments' an elite few could through tyranny harbor!

Whether it's through works & Arts, or our own unjustified long-suffering; we (I speak for the Church) hope to retain our God's willing in us, to be proud Entheogenists of God given to help 'dignify' the Honor of our God & to make sure footing in HIs progressions working through our lives; as we hope through righteous passage that every individual man is deemed worthy & deserving of every Individual (Liberty & Justice... That 'FOR ALL' can be the Ring of Liberty!)

We as spiritual dignities (religious people) should not have to hide what Joy, healing & comfort (deny His gratitude being sent) we can receive from our God, and hope to receive in unto our God's temple body; wherein we can show our own acceptance of God's tree of Life (accept God's entheogen) within our religious Bodies (our God's temple/our body) by drawing Mary into Your bridal Chamber (Your Lungs) with God. Drawing the wrath down upon the earthly sacrament of Kane Bosm, making what's foolishness to other's, the crowning of God's earthly Kings!

We as Entheogenists need to stop hiding because of the 'illegality', the Terroristic approach of Police officer's should be enough to show every community that keeping Cannabis illegal is inciting a Police State! The Money not the People is being 'dutifully' protected! The Land it's self is being policed and the people are only consumer's who they hope if they are not producing for the capitalistic economy, that you are somehow not right to have anything!

I pray a church community, given authority by God through the lambs blood is shed through our lives words and actions in this 'now' that we can first and foremost protect the Human Rights of all those who truly recognize 'Cannabis' (and other entheogens) as being a Holy Sacrament(s) given by God. By protecting God's people who have found the marriage supper and the healing offered unto each of us by her (mary); we should distinguish (by rule of common fellowship) that we need Always and forever a Measuring Rod (not Unquestionably) So powerfully drawn that No Government can Deny the efficacy of our (Entheogenists) Ethical Outreach. Our principles & ethics should be held as higher than any supreme Court opinion within in any nation and should be the Rock that every political precedence is to be driven directly from, our councils are drawn & held by the reside of God. It is by His will, that we seek to Protect the Soul, humanity, and Consciousness & each of their future states upon our planet for generations to come; as should every God fearing community drawn upon this earth!

I pray that I may be able to complete this website, without being 'criminalized' for my education & beliefs being expressed sincerely as a priest of the Lord Jesus the Christ. It is unto His own Glory that I am made to call All to gather to gether and to bring our common causes to the table of our religious exercises, that the purest evidential databases gathered from our fellowships and councils can be used to further present what eternal truths & ethics we 'must' (upon our own convicted minds) garner as being the Highest Aspire of Truth. We must let this search become the devourer of our own humanity, until Freedom Justice & purity of spirit is become always the esteem of our present pursuit.

We as God's people must stand against the evil houses of thought, which say that we as persons pursuing our own, & God's own, happiness; by participating with God alone in our own acceptance of God's Marriage Supper sacrament (Cannabis/Kaneh Bosm/ayhuasca/ etc..) is some how 'Criminal Behavior'. We know that it is not 'in Christ Jesus'. That God doesn't despise us but that we accept it by God's offering and with thanksgiving unto Him for it! Praise God for Good Dro! (who wouldn't that asked for it from Him?!)

A Sacred Entheogenic Substance being put into a citizen of the United States who has givne their temple body over unto God; should not be denied their right to accept what God has drawn to help them in their own pursuits of health, healing and happiness. It's obvious now, having multiple states with 'Recreational' rights, that the severity of the Laws enforcement is beyond tyrannical when it's being used to justify attacks against persons who are using these substances by the lead of their own God?

person's temple body (God's); should be protected in this religious exercise not Criminalized! what God consumes by His own willing, in a man; is God's to choose. God offers us, in the Spirit of His own son, the relative position to hear His offering from that says; "I am Your Father, and I offer the Tree of Life unto now wherein you have been welcomed by the Lambs blood, in this Garden.

I pray that all Entheogenists take notice of this website & offer to help build this website to help build the Entheogenic Reformation Church! I will, in time, be able to spend more of my energies on building this up, but my mission is always : "Local First".. Please, if you run across anyone you feel may be interested in volunteering sometime to help build this website, it would be a great help to them and the Church you offer faith to! They will help what needs to be 'real', be seen in what this Church REALLY Is to be!


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